My new “job” and silent auction donations

Wow, sorry it’s been so long since my last entry. I have been busy and seeming not to have any time to sit down, gather my thoughts, and write. Right now the boys are in their room playing with toys and Taylor is watching her newly founded favorite TV station sprout. I also have to find time to start the laundry, unload the dishes, work on the pray ribbons for the fundraiser, and work on my cross stitch. Why I started a cross stitch when I have to time? I think it may make me just sit and relax. I haven’t made one is a long time and it reminds me of my grandmother. We use to sit and do them together. Which reminds me I need to call her. Another thing added to the to do list.

So my new “job” is doctor appointment coordinator. The other day I have to make 5 follow up appointments for the boys. Most of them I didn’t even know when I was suppose to see the doctors. What I do have to say is the receptionists at Dartmouth are very helpful in trying to get appointments lined up so I only have to make it up there a couple of times. When I go up I usually see a couple of doctors in a row. Our next appointment is next Tuesday the 24th. The boys are having x-rays and seeing the surgeon. Hopefully we will then be going up at the end of September for MRIs, CTs, and removal of the collars. We are also seeing the boys respiratory doctor. Not quite sure how much there will do there. Just listen to their breathing I guess.

The silent auction is coming together nicely. We have receive many donations for those who will not be able to make it and table sponsors too. So far we have made over $1000 and it’s just the start. We have also received some great silent auction items including 1 cord of seasoned wood delivered, lots of gift certificates for a variety of things, and a 1 year membership to Curves including registration. I am hoping we have a great turn out. I haven’t received too many RSVPs in the mail but everyone has till the 28th. Plus, depending on the numbers before the event we may also be selling tickets at the door.


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Mother of twin boys whom both have morquio syndrome
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3 Responses to My new “job” and silent auction donations

  1. Janet Page says:

    Hey Ali:
    I was finally able to take a moment and get on to your website. It is wonderful! I will continue to view and from the updates I am receiving — the boys are doing well. Also, Taylor is doing well. Such good news — I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the Fund Raiser and having been doing what I can to get donations myself. I am unfortunately not able to give it the time I would like, but I am doing my best. Love to you all, thinking of you and looking forward to spending more time with all of you at the end of my tunnel. xxoo Give the boys a big hug and kisses from Aunty Janet and also a big hug to our sweet Taylor for her Birthday!!!

  2. Sam Mask says:

    I am a co-worker of Tom’s. Just wanted you to know that Jack, Hunter and the family have been and will continue to be in our prayers. We have been keep up with the boys mainly through Tom, the web site is great.
    Sam Mask
    Granite Falls, NC

  3. Sally Anderson says:

    Hi Alison, Matt, Taylor, Jack and Hunter:
    Thank you for these updates. We will certainly be at the silent auction. We just put our RSVP in the mail. We are praying for you all and are optimistic that Jack and Hunter will keep doing well. Love to you all.
    Uncle John and Aunt Sally

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