The Boys Turn 3

It’s came, my little babies are now 3. We had a little birthday party for them inviting some of our friends that have kids around their age so it was like a big play date at our house. Everyone had a great time. None of the kids cried and everyone got a long (remember we had about 4 boys between the ages of 2 and 3, plus more!). Lots of sharing was going on.

With the boys turning 3 a lot of transition starts. They no longer can have Early Intervention. We had to say goodbye to our PT, even though I know she will be popping in as much as she can 😉 and now we say hello to our new PT, OT, Speech Therapist, and teacher as they start Preschool on Monday March 7th. Mommy is very excited to have a few hours to herself to get work done with out interruption. A long with the transition we also had to give back the loaner walker. But, not before we got our very own. The boys now have their own walkers. No more fighting about who gets to use the walker. They now can both hop into their walkers a take off.

Finally, the boys have set dates for their CTs. Hunter is having his CT and MRI done on March 28th. I will be meeting with the Neourosurgeon while he is in his MRI to find out the results and what our next step is (either collar off or another fusion and halo on). We won’t get the MRI results that day being that the Doctor will be in Manchester that day and not Lebanon. We also have a hearing test tomorrow afternoon. We will find out if the ear tubes worked to clean anything up or if hearing aids will be in our near future. What ever is the out come as long as they can hear is what we want. Once they can hear then we can work on better speech.

That is all for now. I will keep you updated with any new results that come in. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers as always.


About Alison

Mother of twin boys whom both have morquio syndrome
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2 Responses to The Boys Turn 3

  1. Pauline Zoldan says:

    Hi Allison & Family,
    Happy Birthday to your darling boys!! Seems like their having their own walkers really made for a great birthday gift to them and family!
    They are so brave and so cute in the photo.
    We pray for all to go great thru all the tests and transitions.
    hello from Montreal!

  2. Thanks for the pdates and new pictures Alison. Glad to see they have their own walkers now. Hope they enjoy school too 🙂

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