Jack gets his halo off.

Finally the day came when Jack received his 6 month ct scan. It was a couple of week early but we all figured this was not a problem. As we suspected the halo was ready to come off. He was great in the office as three doctors took off the halo and put him back in an Aspen Collar which he wore after his first surgery. We do not know yet how long he will wear the collar but it is much better since we can now give him baths and taken him swimming. He is like a new man loving his new freedom. Hunter has till November for his six month period. Hunter’s 3 month ct scan is scheduled for August 25th.

The boys have been in summer school this month and enjoying it as usual. They will have the month of August off and will go back in September. We have been pretty busy the last couple of weekends. We have been to two birthday parties, one where there was a bouncy house and the boys LOVED. We also took them to the Hillsborough Balloon Festival and to see Thomas the Train in North Conway.

Please remember that anyone interested in the Tour for the Twin Benefit Ride goes to the Up Coming Fundraiser page and prints out the registration form. If you are not a rider you can still come to the after party and hang out with everyone and enjoy some food, music, and swimming at the Campbell’s. But everyone looking to part take, rider or other, sends in or brings the registration form and your fee. All profit goes to the boys directly.

The the non-profit is also getting together some small fundraisers and will let everyone know what is in store.

Thank you as always for all your love and support.


About Alison

Mother of twin boys whom both have morquio syndrome
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One Response to Jack gets his halo off.

  1. Jaime Ruggiero says:

    Alison & Matt,
    My husband and i are residents of goffstown & are interested in learning of any upcoming fundraisers for your boys. Matt was a good friend of my husbands some years back, and we would like to do what we can to support your family & get the word on fundraising out there. Also, please tell Matt we say hello & to look us up on facebook……we would love to have you guys over.

    Jaime Ruggiero

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