Halos are finished and moving on

Sorry for such a long delay in updates. Lots to go over and such little time. Since my last update Jack has been able to come out of his collar for good and is making wonderful progress. He is currently scheduled for his 1 year post op CT scan. How time flies. I can not believe it has already been a year since I heard the news that Jack was going to have to have a repeat surgery. But since then the second fusion has been successful and Jack has been making giant strides in all aspects. Hunter was also able to have his halo removed at the six month point. The last several weeks of Hunter having his halo seemed like years and we all were tired. Our family had to deal with halos and everything that comes along with it for almost a year and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we were all done. But Hunter’s second fusion, like Jack’s, also a success and is currently back in his neck collar till the end of February.

With all that was happening with the neurosurgery we had to put orthopedics on the back burner until this all the neck problems were taken care off. This past week was all ortho for us. On Wednesday we went up with Dr Cook to talk hips and backs. With a sad heart we have to say good bye to Dr Cook as he is leaving DHMC for another opportunity. But before he leaves he is making sure that we are passed over to the right hands. On Thursday we met our new Orthopedic Dr Moen who at first sight made the best impression on me. She came into our room with all of Jack and Hunter’s history, what seemed like, memorized and ready to take on their challenges with open arms. We are so very excited to be working with her. With the quick discussion that we had after looking at the boys’ x-rays we decided to hold off on hip surgery for the boys until the end 2012. We need to give them and us a little breather and give the boys some time to be 4 year olds.

Before I close off I want to thank the Morin family for coordinating and hosting the soccer tournament for the boys and us. We were so sorry we had to miss it as Matt and I had to take Hunter up to DHMC because of some halo troubles. The tournament was a huge success and we are looking forward to the next one!

Thank you to everyone for your continued love and support.


About Alison

Mother of twin boys whom both have morquio syndrome
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One Response to Halos are finished and moving on

  1. Pauline Zoldan says:

    Dear Allison,
    What wonderful news about Jack & Hunter! They’ve gone through so much suffering at such a young age…You’ve been an unbeatable force in doing what a mother had to do for her children!
    May God continue to guide you and help you and your husband raise your beautiful daughter and twin boys.
    regards to your dad and Teri, please,
    your dad’s cousin,
    Pauline (Boisvert) Zoldan

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