It is official the collars are off!! This pass week Hunter received the okay.. He is looking good and we have great hope for him since Jack’s last CT scan (marking his one year post op) showed incredible bone growth. We feel great that we can finally end this chapter and move on to the next. Although it comes with great relief it also is bitter sweet as we have been working closely with the pediatric neurosurgery team for the last two years and now we will only been seeing them once to twice a year now for follow ups. We will miss them all and hope they keep in touch.

As for now we start to move more in the direction of orthopedics. The plan for now is to take the summer off and then do hip reconstruction for the boys in the fall/winter of this year. Now the only question we need to decide is to do both boys at the same time or back to back. Thank goodness for my wonderful Morquio family that I will be able to ask for advice from to help guide us in hopefully making the right choice.

The boys will plan on attending summer school and will also b e attending school 4 days week next year instead of the two they are now going.

We meet with our new ortho in March and I will keep everyone up to date!

Thank you as always with all the love and support!


About Alison

Mother of twin boys whom both have morquio syndrome
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One Response to Free!

  1. John and Sally Anderson says:

    That is the best news. We are so happy and thankful for that. You are a terrific family and hope you enjoy the summer, without any halo’s or collars. Wow, that will seem great won’t it? Love you all and we are praying that all goes well in the next chapter. I am sure you will get some good advise on the best way to go about it. But just take a breath and enjoy the summer. Love to you.
    Aunt Sally and Uncle John.

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