About Jack and Hunter

Jack and Hunter were born 4 weeks prematurely on February 20, 2008. Although, considered healthy at the time unbeknown to everyone Jack and Hunter were also born with a rare syndrome called Morquio Syndrome.

You can follow they boys path from diagnosis to current in their blog.

Because of the hardship that has been put on the Family there is two ways you can help (please see the donation page for information and links):

You can donate right to Jack and Hunter. All money will go towards many different things from help with medical care and medical equipment to giving the boys an opportunity to be boys and lead normal lives, from having a play area safe for them to taking them on trips and adventures that the family could not afford by other means. (the money raised in this manor is not tax deductible under the 501(c)3 IRS code)

You can donate to the Jack and Hunter MacKay Fund Corporation for Morquio Syndrome awareness and help fund a cure and/or treatment. All money raised in this manor will be given to either the MPS Society or The Carol Ann Foundation for research and development for a treatment and/or cure for Morquio Syndrome.

IRS 501(c)3 approval letter


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